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Bulletin Archives

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Aeronauts Came to Latonia                     Spencer, Bernie                         November/December 2009
African-Americans - Boone Co.                Boh, John                                    May/June 2016
Annexation Wars of Covington                Kleier, Paul James III                  July/August 2016
Antebellum                                                  Cunningham, Mike                   August 2000
Andrews Rolling Mill Mural                       Hudson, Carol A.                       July/August 2011
Arthur Historic Apartments                      Brown, Jo Ann                             July 1999
Ashbrook House (William E.)                    Bricking, Chuck                          November/December 2019
Atkins and Pearce                                       Jetter, Betty                                May/June 2012
Aunt Nellie’s Farm Kitchens                      Boh, John                                    August/September 2001
Austinburg                                                   Gastright, Joseph                       June 1996
Austinburg                                                   Gastright, Joseph                       November/December 2007

Baker-Hunt House                                      Staff                                             May 1996
Bakewell, Thomas W.                                 Boh, John                                    June 1992
Bakewell, Thomas (1778-1874)                                                                      May 1998
Bank Notes a Good Colletor's Item                                                              October 1998
Baptist movement in NKY                         Webster, Robert D.                   November/December 2014
Battery Hooper                                           Romero, Kathy                           January/February 2005
Baulch, DeeWitt Monroe                           Hudson, Carol A.                       May/June 2011
Beard, Daniel Carter                                  Staff                                              January/February 2006
Beechwood Home, The                             Lietzenmayer, Karl                     July/August 2010
Behringer-Crawford Museum                 Webster and Boh                        January/February 2008
Behringer, William (journals)                   Harrell, Lorna Petty                    November/December 2013
Benedictine Brothers                                Brown/Wenger                           October 1999
Benham, Capt. Robert                              Adams, Judy                                 January 1999
Benton, M (Covington Mayor)                 Crouch, Jamie                              May/June 2014
Best, Ruth Huebach                                  Lietzenmayer, Karl                     May/June 2014
Bettman, Morris/Liberty Cherry              Boh, John                                     August/September 2001  
Black Brigade Memorial                           Lynn, Molly                                  September/October 2005
Black Education                                         Hampton, Jeffrey                        January/February 2010
Black History                                              Woodson/Buman                       February 2000
Black Squirrels                                           Pille, Gayle                                   May/June 2011
Blackely family of NKY                              Boh, John                                     July/August 2020
Boone, Daniel                                            Webster, Robert D.                    May/June 2006
Boone, Daniel (Delving into)                   Lietzenmayer, Karl                     May/June 2020
Boone, Daniel (Exhumed)                        Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2016
Boone, Daniel: In Land Speculation                                                              January 2001
Boone/Kenton Lumber Co.                      Hahn, Patricia                             July/August 2003
Bradley, James                                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                     September/October 2014
Brenner, John --  Brewery                        Staff                                              March 2000
Breweries of Covington                            Brown, Jo Ann                             March 2000
Bridge Disaster of 1892                            Reis, Jim                                        May/June 2006
Bridge Fell 70’ Into Licking                       Averdick, Michael                        August 1978
Bridges of Cincinnati                                 Janson, Christopher                   August 1998
Bromley: 100th Anniversary                    Burns, John E.                               April 1990
Buckner, Colonel Thomas                        Lietzenmayer, Karl                      July/August 2010
Buettel, William                                          Lietzenmayer, Karl                     March/April 2017
Buffalo to Banks: (Covington)                  Boh, John                                     September/October 2015
Buman, Charlie (Black History)                                                                      February 2000
Burleigh, A.A.                                              Staff                                              February 1999
Bush Family                                                Grall, Nancy Montegue              April 1999
Bush Family of NKY                                   Boh, John                                      November 2002        

Café Tokens                                                  Klein, Roy                                   May/June 2004
Cambridge Tile Mfgt. Co.                            Boh, John                                   November/December 2009
Camnitz, Howie                                            Meiman, Chris                           September/October 2009
Caring for Glass/Ceramics                         Nicholson, Karla                         December 1999
Carlisle, John G.                                            Boh, John                                    December 1979
Carlisle, John G. (School)                            Webster, Robert D.                    May/June 2007
Carlsbad Springs Hotel                              Kelly, Jim                                       September/October 2007
Carneal, Thomas Davis                              Boh/Lietzenmayer                      January/February 2006
Carnagie Art Center                                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                     October 1997
Carnegie Center                                          Brown, Jo Ann                             November/December 1997
Carpenter, Owen J. (Whiskey)                   Encyclopedia of NKY                   May/June 2018
Carpenter, Owen (Real Estate)                  Arnold Taylor                              May/June 2018
Cave, William                                               Webster, Robert D.                     November/December 2014
Chambers, Wm and Robt -- 20th C Travels                                                   April 2001
Cincinnati/Covington Coal Co.                  Boh, John                                      January 1993
Andress, Walter                                           Churchman, Heather                 January/February 2021
Civil War Pontoon Bridge                          Staff                                               November/December 2004
Civil War Supply Lines Locally                   Boh, John                                      September/October 2012
Clark, George Rogers                                  Webster, Robert D.                     May/June 2006
Coaches/Administrators                            Boh, John                                      September/October 2008
Colored Schools (1863-1954)                    Boh, John                                       June 2001
Coppin Residence (Then and Now photos)                                                    May/June 2003
Coppin Store (607 Madison)                                                                             May 1999
Covington: 1815-1990                                 Boh, John                                      October 1991
Covington’s City Government                    Boh, John                                      September 1991
Covington, General Leonard                      Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2011
Covington Art Club                                      Eichelberger, Dorthea                July 1991
Cov., Big Bone, Carrollton RR                     Boh, John                                     January/February 2015
Covington, Gen. Leonard                            Boh, John                                     March/April 2017
Covington, Leonard & Namesakes            Boh, John                                     July/August 2018
Covington Breweries
                                   Boh, John                                     March 2000
Covington High School Basketball            Webster, Robert D.                     July/August 2008

Covington -- Annexations                           Kleier, Paul James III                   July/August 2016
Covington, History of (Part 1)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                 February 1994
Covington, History of (Part 2)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                 March 1994
Covington, History of (Part 3)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                 April 1994
Covington, History of (Part 4)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                 May 1994
Covington, History of (Part 5)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                 June 1994
Covington, History of (Part 6)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                 July 1994
Covington, History of (Part 7)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                August 1994
Covington, History of (Part 8)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                September 1994
Covington, History of (Part 9)                     Wiggins, O.J.                                October 1994
Covington, History of (Part 10)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                 November 1994
Covington, History of (Part 11-13)             Wiggins, O.J.                                 January 1995
Covington, History of (Part 14)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                February 1995
Covington, History of (Part 15)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                March 1995
Covington, History of (Part 16)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                April 1995
Covington, History of (Part 17)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                May 1995
Covington, History of (Part 18)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                June 1995
Covington, History of (Part 19,20)              Wiggins, O.J.                                July 1995
Covington, History of (Part 21,22)              Wiggins, O.J.                                August 1995
Covington, History of (Part 23,24)              Wiggins, O.J.                                September 1995
Covington, History of (Part 25)                   Wiggins, O.J.                                October 1995
Covington, Leonard and Namesakes        Boh, John                                     July/August 2018

Covington Ladies Home                              Barlage, Sarah and Staff            July/August 2019
Covington’s Main Street                               Staff                                              September 1980
Covington Neighborhoods                          Staff                                              September/October 2007
Covington Plane Crash of 1942                  Wedding, Bev                              November/December 2008
Covington Rotary Club - History                 Taylor, Arnold                             January/February 2021
Covington Slave Murder/Suicide                Lietzenmayer, Karl                     September/October 2005
Covington Stars Baseball Team                  Lovelace, Jennifer                       March/April 2013
Covington’s First City Hall                            Barlow, Donald                           March 1979
Covington's Historic Homes                        Bricking, Chuck                           November/December 2019
Covington’s West End                                   Boh, John                                     March 1992
Culbertsons-Two Branches of the              Boh, John                                     June 1993
Craig, Elijah                                                     Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2014
Craig, Lewis                                                     Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2014
Crescent Springs                                            Boh, John                                    September/October 2007

Dafford, Robert (Mural Artist)                     Staff                                              March/April 2004
Daniel H. Holmes Hall (Rutledge)               Hudson, Carol A.                         January/February 2011
Davis, Skeeter                                                Webster, Robert D                      January/February 2007
Devou House                                                 Bricking, Chuck                           November/December 2019
Dibowski, R.J.                                                  Lietzenmayer, Karl                     April 2002
Dietrick, Ellen Battelle (Ladies Home)       Barlage, Sarah and Staff            July/August 2019
Dinsmore Homestead Residents               Staff                                               February 1999
Dixie Highway                                                Reis, Jim                                        March/April 2008
Doll Manufacturing                                       Van Zant, Vanessa                      May/June 2013
Drake, Daniel                                                 Boh, John                                      July/August 2019
Duro Bag Manufacturing Co.                      Staff                                               July/August 2008

Education and Faith (Part 1)                        Schroeder, David                         October 1996
Education and Faith (Part 2)                        Schroeder, David                         November 1996
Education and Faith (Part 3)                        Schroeder, David                         December 1996
Education and Faith (Part 4)                        Schroeder, David                         January 1997
Einhaus, Ronnin “Ron”                                 Staff                                                September/October 2011
Eldred, Jimmy Lee                                         Lietzenmayer, Karl                       June 2001
Empire of Cotton: A Global History           Boh, John                                       January/February 2017
Elsmere                                                          Taylor, David Lewis                      December 2002
Episcopalians/Methodists                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                       March/April 2006
Erlanger's Forest Lawn Cemetery              Lietzenmayer, Karl                       May/June 2015
Ernst Home (Richard)                                   Bricking, Chuck                            November/December 2019
Evans, Bob
                                                      Staff                                               January/February 2006

Farny, Henry Francois                                   Staff                                              May/June 2008
Farny, Henry Francois                                   Rutledge, Mike                            November/December 2008
Federal League of Covington                       Burns, John E.                             October 1990
Felthaus, John H.                                            Romero, Kathleen                      September/October 2004
First Baptist Church, Covington                   Harris, Theodore                        August 1991
Firth, Jessie                                                      Hicks, Ann                                   September/October 2019
Fiskburg (Kenton County)                             Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2015
Fletcher, Wolf
                                                 Van Zant, Vanessa                     May/June 2013
Flood, The 1937                                              Boh, John                                    March/April 2012
Forest, Edwin                                                   Lietzenmayer, Karl                    January/February 2007
Forest Lawn Cemetery                                  Onkst, Wayne                             March/April 2005
Forest Lawn Cemetery                                  Lietzenmayer, Karl                     May/June 2015
Fort Mitchell, City of
                                      Reis, Jim                                       November/December 2007
Ft. Mitchell Memories                                    Staff                                              February 2000
Foster, Terry RN                                              Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2016
Fowler, Jacob                                                   Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2014
Funeral Directors (History of)                       Brown, Travis                              May/June 2020

Galvin, Maurice                                               Lietzenmayer, Karl                     March/April 2013
Garden of Hope                                              Webster, Robert D.                    September/October 2006
Garner, Margaret                                            Burns, John E.                             May 1990
Gastright, Dr. Joseph F.                                  Boh, John                                     March/April 2007
Gedge family                                                   Boh, John                                     March/April 2013
Gillespie, Haven                                              Webster, Robert D.                     July/August 2007
Glenn, Dudley A. (1847-1911)                       Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November 1995
Goebel, Reverend Joseph                              Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2007
Goebel, William                                               Boh, John                                     May/June 2008
Goetta                                                              Tolzmann, Don H.                       March/April 2007
Golden Spike Years in NKY                            Boh, John                                     March 1993
Goldsmith, Philip                                            Van Zant, Vanessa                      May/June 2013
Grant House (Jesse)                                       Bricking, Chuck                            November/December 2019
Grant, Jesse                                                     Staff                                               January/February 2005
Grant, Jesse and Hannah                              Reis, Jim                                       March/April 2008
Grant, William                                                 Hampton, Jeffrey                        January/February 2010
Grants Bend Twin Tunnels                           Harrell, Dennis                            May/June 2017
Gray and Hemingray Glass Co.                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2012
Green, John R. Building Renovation            Boh, John                                     September/October 2019
Green Line, A History of the                         Staff                                              November 2000
Greer, Alexander                                            Boh, John                                     June 1993
Gressle, Nick                                                   Webster, Robert D.                    May/June 2007
Greyhound Grill (photo)                                                                                      May/June 2003

Hallam, Theodore F.                                        Hahn, Patricia A.                        May/June 2015
Harrison, John Pollard                                    Boh, John                                    September/October
Hatfield, JT Company
                                      Boh, John                                    November 1992
Hauer Family of Northern Kentucky             Knecht, Dan                               January/February 2019
Hearne House                                                  Koniki, Leah                                May 2001
Hearne Home (Jonathan)                                Bricking, Chuck                         November/December 2019
Heermance Pharmacy                                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                    February 2001
Hellman Lumber Company                            Boh, John                                    April 1991
Hemingray Glass Co.(1848-1933)                  Boh, John                                    June 1991
Hermes Building                                               Staff                                            November 1998
Heving, John and Joe                                       Staff                                             November/December 2004
Hibernia                                                            Webster, Robert                        May/June 2009
Hildenbrand, Wilhelm                                     Tolzmann, Don H.                     March/April 2015
Hill, Henry                                                         Webster, Robert D.                    January/February 2011
Hog Processing 1854                                      Staff                                             April 2001
Holian Hardware                                              Lietzenmayer, Karl                   April 2000
Holliday, Michael Dunn                                   Lietzenmayer, Karl                   July/August 2015
Holmes, Daniel Henry                                     Hudson, Carol A.                       January/February 2011
Holmes, Daniel Henry                                     Lietzenmayer, Karl                   November/December 2020
Holmes Castle (Daniel Henry)                        Bricking, Chuck                         November/December 2019
Holmes High School Basketball                    Webster, Robert D.                   July/August 2009
Holy Cross Student Murals                            Fitzgerald, Tim                           November/December 2004
Hummell Company in Kentucky                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                   July/August 2015
Hurrell, George                                                 Webster, Robert D.                  November/December 2006
Hydrotherapy                                                   Webster, Robert D.                   March/April 2017


Independence, Kentucky                                Boh, John                                    Spring 1980
Independence, Kentucky                                Webster, Robert D.                   March/April 2006
Independence: KY County Seat                      Boh, John                                   May/June 2013
Independence - Recent Growth of                Schaber, Cody                           March/April 2019
Interurban Railway                                           Boh, John                                    January/February 2015
Irish Covington Family, An
                              Grall, Nancy M.                          April 1999


Jung, Philipp -- Brewery
                                   Staff                                            March 2000


Kelley-Koett X-Ray Manufacturing Co.          Boh, John                                     January/February 2020
Kennedy, Thomas                                             Boh, John                                     July/August 2007
Kenton, Simon                                                   Webster, Robert D.                    May/June 2006
Kenton, Simon                                                   Boh, John                                     May/June 2009
Kenton, U.S.S.                                                    Edwards, Michael J.                    January/February 2008
Kenton County – An Overview                        Lietzenmayer, Karl                     July/August 2012
Kenton Co. Court (1891-1910)                        Whalen, Daniel                           March 1996
Kenton County Facts (errors in article)                                                               March 1999
Kenton Co. Historical Society 40 Year Anniversay Issue                                  July/August 2017
Kenton County History                                     Staff                                             January 1999
Kenton County’s “Pest House”                        Bell, Mary Kay                            November/December 2006
Kenton Hills                                                        Kleier, Paul James III                 July/August 2016
Kenton, Simon -- In land speculation             Staff                                             January 2001
Kenton Vale                                                        Webster, Robert D.                   March/April 2006
Kentucky Central (Part 1)                                 Gastright, Joseph                       July 1983
Kentucky Central (Part 2)                                 Gastright, Joseph                       Spring 1984
Kentucky Central (Part 3)                                 Gastright, Joseph                       Spring 1985
KC Junctions and Others                                  Boh, John                                    May 1993
Kentucky Corps of Longriflemen                    Webster, Robert D.                   March/April 2011
Kentucky Federal Savings & Loan                  Weldon, Alex                               January/February 2008
Kentucky Inventor                                             Burns, John E.                            September 1990
Kentucky, The Opening of                                Boh, John                                    July 2000
Kirby, Durwood                                                  Webster, Robert D.                   July/August 2009
Klingenberg Family/Hardware                        Dunn, Beth                                 January/February 2016
Knox, Furman W.(1923-2001)                          Billman, Rebecca                       March 2002
Koehnken, Johann                                             Lietzenmayer, Karl                    July/August 2010
Konicki, Leah -- resigns as covington Preservation Officer                              August 1999
Koors Family of Covington                               Baucom, Mary Ann                   July/August 2004
Koors Family of Covington                               Lietzenmayer, Karl                    July/August 2004
Korean War Memorial (Villa Hillls)                                                                       June 2000
Kraus, Romuald                                                  Lietzenmayer, Karl                   March/April 2008
Kruempelmann Farm                                        Boh, John                                   August/September 2002
Kuchle, Joseph-Family Heritage                       Whitehead, Carol                      January/February 2003

Lafayette's Half Dollar                                       Knecht, Dan                               January/February 2018
                                                              Kleier, Paul James III                 July/August 2016

Land Speculation
                                              Gastright, Dr. Joseph                January 2001
Lane Seminary (James Bradley)                       Lietzenmayer, Karl                   September/October 2014
Latonia - Aeronauts Came to…                        Spencer, Bernie                        November/December 2009
Latonia Ice & Fuel Company                            Hardcorn, Mary Jo                     January/February 2007
Latonia Lakes Resort                                         Webster, Robert D.                   November/December 2005
Latonia Springs                                                  Gastright, Joseph                       April 1981
Laidley, Frederick Alexander                           Allen, Fran                                   May/June 2012
Latta, Alexander B.                                            Burns, John                                 November/December 2007
Latta House of Ludlow                                      Helmer, Stephanie                    April 1996
Levassor, Eugene                                               Lietzenmayer, Karl                    November/December 2020
Levassors Family                                                Jones, Allison                              July/August 2012
Levassor Family (Correcting the Record)       Taylor, Arnold                            May/June 2019
Lewisburg Brewery                                            Staff                                             March 2000
Lewsiburg: Italianate Architecture                  Cabot, Susan                              March 1997
Liberty Bell Viewed By Thousands                                                                        March/April 1998
Liberty Bell, Covington Welcomes                   Boh, John                                     July/August 2013
Liberty Bell Viewed by Thousands                   Boh, John                                     February 1992
Liberty Cherry Company                                                                                         August/September 2001
Licking River, (Mouth of the)                            Wells, William                              September 2000
Licking River (Mouth of the)                             Lietzenmayer, Karl                     March/April 2011
Licking River Valley, The                                    Boh, John                                     May/June 2009
Lietzenmayer, Karl                                             Brown, Jo Ann                             May 2000
Lietzenmayer, Karl [Lifetime dedication]       Boh, John                                     January/February 2019
Linden Grove Cemetery                                    Webster, Robert D.                     July/August 2007
Linden Grove Cemetery                                    Staff                                              May/June 2015
Lionel Flying Field                                               Yeager, Steven D.                      March/April 2019
Little Flowers Entertainment
                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2011
Locks and Dams                                                 Brown, Travis                               March/April 2021
Lonneman, Andrew                                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                      January/February 2009
Lookout Heights                                                 Kleier, Paul James III                   July/August 2016
Lookout House                                                   Schneider/Webster                     July/August 2006
Lovell and Laidley-Salt Families                       Boh, John                                      August 1992
Ludlow—Early Public Schools of                     Burns, John E.                               August 1990
Ludlow Historical Society Project                    Staff                                               March/April 2018
Lumber by River and Rail                                 Boh, John                                      March 1991

Machine Tool Industry in No. KY                      Boh, John                                    July/August 2006
Madison (607 -- An Unusual Approach to Research)                                         May 1999
Magee, Sam: Vietnam Reminisces                   Magee, Sam                               September/October 2018
Main Strasse (John R Green Building)             Boh, John                                    September/October 2019
Main Street United Methodist                          Tenkotte, Paul A.                       November/December 2011
Martin, Hiram -- Reminescences                      Staff                                             March/April 2017
Mason, George                                                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                    March/April 2006
McLaughlin Home (Charles)                              Bricking, Chuck                          November/December 2019
Medicine Bottle -- Heermance Pharmacy                                                            February 2001
Memories of Westside (Covignton)                  Boehmker, Howard W.             September/October 2016
Mendelssohn Singing Society                            Lietzenmayer, Karl                   May/June 2014
Menninger, August W. "Gus"                             Brown, Travis                            September/October 2020
Merkel, Una                                                          Webster, Robert D.                  March/April 2007
Meyer, Patsy – Jazz Musician                             Webster, Robert D.                  May/June 2008
Michaels Art Bronze                                            Boh, John                                   March/April 2010
Milward & Oldershaw Pork Plant 1854                                                                April 2001
Minerva is Rescued: Cov. Library becomes Carnegie Art Center                     October 1997
Mitchel, Ormsby M.                                             Lietzenmayer, Karl                    September/October 2009
Model T: What is was Like                                  Mandel, Leon                              July 2001
Moorman, Bernie                                                Webster, Robert D.                    July/August 2011
Monte Casino Winery                                                                                               October 1999
Montgomery Coal Company                              Boh, John                                    October 1992
Morning View (Kenton County)                         Webster, Robert D.                    November/December 2015
Morning View Heritage Area, The                     Harrell, Lorna Petty                   November/December 2015
Mosaic Mural
                                                        Hudson, Carol A.                        July/August 2011
Mosler Safe and Lock Co.                                   Boyle/Lietzenmayer                  April 1997
Motch, M.C. Jewelers                                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                    May/June 2011
Mother of God Choral Club                                Lietzenmayer, Karl                    January/February 2010
Mouth of the Licking                                           Wells, William                             September 2000
Murphy, Al (Vietnam Reminisces                      Murphy, Al                                  March/April 2019
Murphy, Isaac Burns (Jockey)                             Staff                                             January/February 2004
Muse, Gerhard "George"                                    Webster, Robert D.                   September/October 2014
Myers, Harvey (Twin Oaks)                                 Webster, Robert D.                   March/April 2009

“New Deal” in Northern KY                                 Boh, John                                   January/February 2009
Newport Barracks                                                Donnelly, Col Joseph               November/December 2011
Newspapers, Early                                               Eilerman, Charles                     January/February 2004
Nichols, Earl-WWII                                                Boh, John                                  May/June 2003
Nichols, Earl                                                          Staff                                            January/February 2006
Nie, Norb Service Station                                    Boh, John                                  September/October 2011
Nieman, Harry, Jr./Pharmacist                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                  March/April 2010
Ninth Street United Methodist (Part 1)            Boh, John                                   May 2002
Ninth Street United Methodist (Part 2)            Boh, John                                   June 2002
Norman, Mike: The Corps                                  Norman, Mike                          January/February 2019
Northern Bank of Kentucky                               Boh, John                                   January/February 2010
Northern KY, A Brief History (new book)         Staff                                           May/June 2019
Northern Kentucky Unearthed                         Brown, Travis                           May/June 2019
Nourse, Mary M.                                                  Encyclopedia of NKY               May/June 2018
NKY High School Boys Basketball                     Webster, Robert D.                  July/August 2009
NKY Railroads/Bridges/Crossings                     Boh, John                                  September/October 2013
Nunnelley, Paul                                                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                  July/August 2010

Oak Ridge: A Kenton Co. Community               Perkins/Workman                  May/June 2018
Oak St. Bridge (Ludlow/Bromley)
                      Staff                                          July/August 2008
Odd Fellows Hall-Covington                              Reis, Jim                                    November 1999
Ohio Scroll and Lumber Co.                              Boh, John                                  May/June 2009
Old Colored Church on Madison                      Boh, John                                  May 1992
Opening of Kentucky                                          Boh/Brown                               July 2000
Oral History Comes Alive                                   Kelly-Pigg, Sharon                   September/October 2004
Oxford OH/Boone Co. African/Americans      Boh, John                                  May/June 2016
Oxley House                                                                                                            September 1999
Oxley Family/West Family                                 Dohn, Olivia                              September/October 2018

Peaselburg                                                           Webster, Robert D.                  January/February 2012
Perkins, Ma                                                          Lietzenmayer, Karl                  September/October 2005
Physicians, Early Women                                  Poweleit, Alvin                          May 1991
Phillips, George (1833-1873)                            Lietzenmayer, Karl                   November/December 2020
Pike and Madison and Beyond                        Boh, John                                   September/October 2015
Piner (Kenton County)                                      Webster, Robert D.                   November/December 2015
Piner High School
                                              Perkins, Greg                             July/August 2010
Piner Meteorite                                                  Webster, Robert D.                   January/February 2010
Pitcher, Molly                                                      Boh, John                                   July/August 2007
Pitcher, Molly                                                      Boh, John                                   March/April 2017
Pioneer Coal Company                                     Boh, John                                   October 1992
Pioneer Family in Kenton Co.                          Mann, David                              August 1996
Pioneer Family Leaves History                        Schroeder, David                      March/April 2003
Plane Crash/Covington’s Eastside                   Wedding, Bev                            November/December 2008
Pleaseure Isle                                                     Webster, Robert D.                   January/February 2006
Point, The                                                            Lietzenmayer, Karl                   March/April 2011
Pontoon Bridge on Licking River                     Staff                                            November/December 2004
Porter/Fallis/Lovell Home                                 Bricking, Chuck                         November/December 2019
Porterfield, Rosella -- Integration of Erlanger-Elsmere Schools                     May/June 2003
Price, Jacob                                                         Reis, Jim                                      July/August 2006
Price, Kenny                                                       Webster, Robert D.                   January/February 2009
Prisoner’s Lake                                                  Webster, Robert D.                   May/June 2008
Prohibition and Geroge Remus                      Boh, John                                   March/April 2018
Public Housing in Covington, KY                    Lietzenmayer, Karl                   March/April 2017


Railroad Modernization                                   Boh, John                                     April 1993
Railroad’s Child, A                                             Cunningham, Mike                     August 2000
Railroads/Bridges/Crossings                          Boh, John                                      September/October 2013
Rail (Twin Tunnels @ Grants Bend)               Harrell, Dennis                            May/June 2017
Railroaders                                                        Boh, John                                     March/April 2016
Randolph, Dr. James E.                                   Staff                                               January/February 2009
Randolph, Dr. James E. (marker)                   Staff                                               November/December 2004
Reams, Lee Roy                                                Roberts, Alice K.                          November/December 2012
Reed, Judge John B.                                         Boh, John                                      March/April 2020
Reis, Jim RIP                                                      Boh, John                                      November/December 2016
Remke Markets
                                                Bishop, Matthew                         July/August 2008
Remke Market (Ft. Mitchell Memories)                                                               February 2000
Remus, Grorge -- Prohibition                         Boh, John                                     March/April 2018
Retschulte’s Five Mile House                          Schneider, Kevin                        March/April 2005
Rhinock, Mayor                                                Wieck, Dorothy                            Fall 1984
Rich Families of Kenton County                    Boh, John                                      October 1993
Rich Family Tree Denotes History                Boh, John                                      June 1999
Rich, Stephen & Jane Blackburn                   Boh, John                                      November/December 2018
Riddle, Capt. James (Hibernia)                      Webster, Robert D.                      May/June 2009
Riddle-Arnold-Davesac Mansion                  Boh, John                                      February 1993
Rile, John H. (Boone Co. Slavery)                  Boh, John                                      May/June 2016
Ritte’s Corner                                                   Webster, Robert D.                      May/June 2007
Roebling: Address and Memo Book            Tolzmann, Don H.                       July/August 2015
Roebling Heritage Tours                                Tolzmann, Don H.                      November/December 2013
Roebling Bridge: Stonemason for..              Tolzmann, Don H.                      July/August 2014
Roebling Bridge: Who Worked on It            Tolzmann, Don H.                      November/December 2016
Roebling: Amos Shinklle                                Tolzmann, Don H.                      May/June 2106
Roebling, Washington                                    Tolzmann, Don H.                      November/December 2014
Rotary Club (Covington) - History                Taylor, Arnold                             January/February 2021
Rusk Coal Company                                       Boh, John                                     October 1992

607 Madison:Unusual Research                   Lietzenmayer, Karl                       May 1999
St. Ann Church/West Covington                   Kelly, James C.                               March/April 2007
St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church                 Staff                                                July 1996
St. Augustine Church                                     Webster, Robert D.                      September/October 2008
St. Clair, Sister Mary, SND                             Lietzenmayer, Karl                       November/December 2008
St. John’s Roman Catholic                             Staff                                                December 2001
St. Mary’s Cemetery                                       Ashton, Julie M.                            March/April 2009
St. Paul Evangelical Church                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                      September/October 2005
St. Pius Heights                                               Kleier, Paul James III                    July/August 2016
St. Vincent de Paul Society                            Lietzenmayer, Karl                      January/February 2009
Sandford, General Thomas                          Cardosi, Richard MD                   March/April 2011
Sanford House                                                Staff                                               December 1998
Sanford House (Thomas)                              Bricking, Chuck                            November/December 2019
Schadler, Marion (Oxley House Museum)                                                         September 1999
Schmidt, Mathias uniform identified                                                                 March/April 1998
Schlosser, Franz (1832-1899); Ritz, Albertine (1837-1914)                             October 1998
Schools for Black Children                           Harris, Ted                                    April 1992
Scott, Patricia (girls' pro baseball)              Webster, Robert D.                      July/August 2013
Scott, Robert                                                  Thomas, Bill                                  October 2002
Seiler, John -- Brewery                                                                                         March 2000
Seligman – First Family of Beer                   Curtis, Tim                                    July/August 2011
Senours, Searching for                                 Duff, Marilyn Wade                     January 1998
Shaler, Nathan Southgate                                                                                   January 2001
Sharon, Mary Bruce                                      McGinty, Nicole H.                       May/June 2012
Shaw, Tomas                                                  Staff                                               February 1999
Sherman Tavern                                            Brown, Barbara                           January/February 2013
Shinkle, Amos                                                Tolzmann, Don Heinrich            May/June 2016
Shinkle, Amos/Estate                                   Boh, John                                       Winter 1986-87
Shinkle Family Coal                                      Boh, John                                       September 1992
Shinkle House, The Ghosts of the              Lietzenmayer, Karl                       November/December 2010
Simon Kenton HS Explosion                       Webster, Robert D.                      September/October 2017
Slave Murder/Attempted Suicide              Lietzenmayer, Karl                       September/October 2005
Somerset Hall: Underground Sta.             Burns, John E.                                June 1990
Somerset Hall, Ludlow                                 Staff                                                October 2000
Sommer, Joe                                                 Court, Susan J.                               January/February 2013
South Covington                                           Kleier, Paul James III                     July/August 2016
South Hills                                                     Kleier, Paul James III                     July/August 2016
Southern Kenton Co. History                     Webster, Robert D.                       November/December 2015
Southgate, Richard                                                                                               January 2001
Spence, Brent
                                              Staff                                                 February 1997
Steamboat Era to Factories                       Boh, John                                        July 1992
Steamboats – Early Travel                         Reis, Jim                                          November/December 2007
Steinhauser Family Farm                           Mullikin, Kaitlin                              May/June 2013
Step into Fern's Kitchen (Storer)              Lorna Herrell                                  March/April 2019
Stevenson, John W.                                     Barlow, Donald                              July 1979
Stevenson Home                                         Bricking, Chuck                             November/December 2019
Stevie's Roadhouse, Ft. Mitchell (photo)                                                          February 2000
Streetcar, The Last                                      Burns, John E.                                July 1990
Streetcar, The Last                                      Burns, John E.                                July/August 2013
Stolzenburg, Charles: Stonemason         Tolzmann, Don Heinrich              July/August 2014
Stone in 19th Century Cincinnati             Lietzenmayer, Karl                        July/August 2015
Storer, Fern [now Ramage Museum]      Harrell, Lorna                                 March/April 2019
Successful Reuse of Historic Buildings    Lietzenmayer, Karl                        January/February 2018
Sunnyside -- A Forgotten Place                 Taylor, Arnold                               September/October 2017
Summit Hills                                                 Kleier, Paul James III                     July/August 2016
Sunny Acres                                                 Kleier, Paul James III                     July/August 2016
Surtees, Robert                                            Meiman, Chris                              September/October 2009

Taylor Mill                                                        Hammons, Michael J.                 September/October 2006
Tappert, Rev. Henry                                       Lietzenmayer, Karl                      January 1996
Tannery, Saddle, Harness Asso.                  Boh, John                                      March/April 2015
Tanney, Mary Florence                                  Lietzenmayer, Karl                     May/June 2018Teacher’s Recollections, A                             Boh/Nordheim                            November 2001
Teaching Little Fingers to Play                     Webster, Robert D.                     May/June 2007
Tewes. John Henry, Jr.                                   Webster, Robert D.                     November/December 2010
Tewes Poultry Farm                                       Webster, Robert D.                     November/December 2010
Things as They Are in America -- 1854                                                              April 2001
Thompson Winery -- South Covington                                                              October 1999
Three L (3-L) Highway, The                            Webster, Robert D.                    May/June 2010
Tipton, Bill: Vietnam Reminisces                  Tipton, Bill                                   July/August 2018
Tobacco City: Covington, KY                          Boh, John                                     January/February 2016
Tobacco Industry in Covington
                     Boh, John                                     September/October 2010
Tocacconists                                                     Boh, John                                    March/April 2016
Tosso, Joseph                                                   Lietzenmayer, Karl                     July/August 2009
Traces of History                                             Lietzenmayer, Karl                     February 2001
Tribes of Israel                                                 Harris, Theodore                        August 1991
Trolley System—Bring it Back                       Brodbeck/Schroeder                 February 1998
Tuberculosis Sanatorium                               Bell, Mary Kay                            November/December 2006
Twin Oaks Golf Club                                       Webster, Robert D.                    March/April 2009
Twin Tunnels at Grants Bend                       Harrell, Dennis                            May/June 2017

United Church of Christ                                 Kiger, James                                  Summer 1985
Untold Stories of the ER                                Webster, Robert D.                      November/December 2016

Vietnam Reminisces - Mike Norman           Norman, Mike                              January/February 2019
Vietnam Reminisces - Sam Magee              Magee, Sam                                  September/October 2019
Vietnam Reminisces - Al Murphy                 Murphy, Al                                    March/April 2019
Vietnam Reminisces - Bill Tipton                  Tipton, Bill                                     July/August 2018
Vietnam Reminisces - Mick Warman           Warman, Mick                              November/December 2018
Villa Hills, Highway Marker in
                        Nail, Michael                                 June 2000
Villa Hills History Vignettes                            Villa Hills Millennium                  August 2000
Viticulture Industry in NKY                            Breetzke, David                            July/August 2014
Von Hoene, Dick                                              Meiman, Chris                             September/October 2007


Wadsworth Electric Company                        Koniki, Leah                                February 1996
Walker, Dr. Thomas (Opening of Kentucky)                                                       July 2000
Wallace, Robert                                                Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2020
Wallingford Childhood, A                                Meanwell, Marjory                     June/July 1998
Ward, Anna Bell                                                Encyclopedia of NKY                 September/October 2011
Ware, Orie Solomon                                        Lietzenmayer, Karl                     March 1999
Warman, Mick: Vietnam Reminisces              Warman, Mick                             November/December 2018
Website for NKY History, New                       Staff                                               July/August 2013
Welling, Maj. Gen. Alvin Charles                    Cardosi, Richard MD                   March/April 2011
Wenzel, Henry – Building                                Lietzenmayer, Karl                     March/April 2005
Western Baptist Theological Soc.                  Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2012
Westside (Covington): Memories of              Boehmker, Howard W.              September/October 2016
White, Dr. H. Clay                                             Boh, John                                     November 1993
White, Dr. H. Clay                                             Boh, John                                     March 2001
Wieck, Dorothy -- Obituary                             Boh, John                                     October 2000
Willow Run                                                         Encyclopedia of NKY                  May/June 2010
Wine Making in NKY                                         Breetzke, David                           July/August 2014
Wire Nails                                                           Lietzenmayer, Karl                     November/December 2007
Winston Park                                                     Kleier, Paul James III                  July/August 2016
Withers Family                                                   Encyclopedia of NKY                 July/August 2010
Women Physicians, Early                                 Poweleit, Alvin                            May 1991
Wood, Mary T.H.                                                Hicks, Ann                                   March/April 2010
Woosley, Kate Trimble                                      Boh, John                                   September/October 2003
Woodson, Carter Goodwin (Black History)                                                         February 2000
WWI The "Great War" in Covington                 Boh, John                                   November/December 2017
WWI - Post War Commemorations                  Boh, John                                   January/February 2018
WZIP Radio                                                           Encyclopedia of NKY                November/December 2013



Ziegler, Ronald Louis                                          Encyclopedia of NKY                September/October 2013