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Karl J. Lietzenmayer, Senior Editor; W. Terry Averbeck, Circulation; Robert D. Webster, Design and Layout;James C. Kelly and Sheryn Labate Editors-at-large; Dr. Eric Jackson, and Dr. J.T. Spence, Editorial Board; Dr. Raymond Hebert, Thomas More College; Dr. James Ramage, and Dr. Andrea Watkins, Northern Kentucky University


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Previous Issues:

* Volume I, No. 1   
  - Riverside Renaissance: Covington’s Riverside District    Michelle Stamm
  - Pioneer Aviation in Grant County, Kentucky    John E. Leming, Jr.
  - Prof. Edward Strubel: Composer, Church Musician    Karl Lietzenmayer
  - Simon Kenton: A Brief History    Lawrence R. Borne

* Volume I, No. 2   
 - Kentucky’s Smallest County (Gallatin)    Carl Bogardus and Gypsy Gray
  - B.F.H. Hellebusch, Church Musician    Juliana Mattei Hellebusch
  - James “Pigmeat” Jarrett: A Story of the Blues    Carolyn Clark
  - Sam Hill Stories of John Uri Lloyd    Edited by: Mike Flannery
  - KY Orphan Brigade & Men from Grant County    John E. Leming, Jr.
  - African-American Elkdom and B.F. Howard of Covington    Ted Harris
  - A Kid Pleaser: Seckatary Hawkins of Robert Schulkers    July Findson

* Volume II, No. 1   
  - Northern Kentucky Covered Bridges    L.K. Patton
  - KKK Murder in Owen County    Thomas Fiske
  - More Sam Hills Stories of John Uri Lloyd    Edited by: Mike Flannery
  - J.T. Earle, Last Mayor of Latonia    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Grave of a Forgotten Soldier (Pendleton Co.)    Herman Siebert, Jr.
 - Edward Everett Barton (Pendleton County)    Charles E. Barton 

Volume II, No. 2   
  - History of Carroll County    Mary Ann Gentry
  - Judge William S. Pryor    Thomas Fiske
  - More Sam Hills Stories of John Uri Lloyd    Edited by: Mike Flannery
  - A Look at Sears Houses in Northern Kentucky    Leah Konicki
  - Life & Death of Maj. Abram Wileman (Pendleton Co.)    Eric Nagle
  - William Arnold: First Sheriff of Grant County     Virgil Chandler, Jr.
  - Parks for the People in Northern KY (Part 1)    Dr. Joseph Gastright

Volume III, No. 1   
  - Newport, Kentucky (1795-1995)    Thomas Purvis
  - Ben Lucian Burman (1895-1984)    C. Harvey Gardiner
  - Germantown: Best Little Town in 2 Counties    J. Henderson & K. Hinson
  - Congressman Asa P. Grover    Thomas Fiske
  - Prehistory of Northern Kentucky    June Krantz
  - More Sam Hills Stories of John Uri Lloyd       Edited by: Mike Flannery

* Volume III, No. 2  
  - Streetcars in Northern Kentucky    Earl W. Clark, Jr.
  - Early Baseball     Bill Schneider
  - Musse’ de Venoge: A History Shared across the Ohio    Thomas Weaver
  - Daniel Henry Holmes (1816-1898)    Betty Nordheim
  - An International Edge: Kelly-Koett Co. (1903-1956)    John H. Boh
  - Bracken County & Brooksville Railroad    John E. Leming, Jr.
  - Parks for the People in Northern KY (Part 2)    Dr. Joseph Gastright

Volume IV, No. 1   
  - Agriculture in Bracken County    Stephen Appleman
  - Education in Augusta, KY    Stephen Appleman
  - Augusta Jail (1803)    Jack Weiss
  - Gen. William Orlando Butler (1791-1880)    Mary Ann Gentry
  - Lewis Vallandingham: 15-yr-old Soldier    R. Vallandingham and T. Fiske
  - From St. Nicholas to Santa Claus - How it Started    Dr. Carl Bogardus
  - Kentucky’s First Woman Dentist (Carroll Co.)    Dr. Carl Bogardus
  - Covington’s Bavarian Brewery    Leah Konicki, AICP

Volume IV, No. 2   
  - Mason County Museum    Jean Calvert and Sue Ellen Grannis
  - Kenton Hills Pottery    Nick and Marilyn Nicholson
  - Boone County’s Carlton District (Rabbit Hash)    Caitlyn and Calllie Clare
  - Orangeburg, Mason County - 200 Years    Edyth Ryan
  - Southgate School, Newport (1866-1955)    Ted Harris
  - Bicentennial History of Bracken County    John E. Leming, Jr.
  - Murder of Henry B. Vallandingham (Owen Co.)    Thomas Fiske

Volume V, No. 1   
  - Stewart Iron Works: A Kentucky Centennial Co.    Karl Lietzenmayer
  - Dinsmore Homestead (Boone Co.)    Gail Chastang
  - Preston Plantation/Delia Webster (Trimble Co.)    Pam and Paul Venard
  - General Charles Scott (1739-1813)    Dr. Carl Bogardus

Volume V, No. 2
  - John Roberts Coppin: The Family & Company    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Fleming County’s Most Horrible Rail Accident (1907)    Wade Coope
  - John Marshall & the Western Country    Irwin Rhodes
  - Bracken Co. & the Great Slave Escape of 1848    John E. Leming, Jr.
  - Drifting & Dreaming: Haven Gillespie, Songwriter    William Frost
  - Collision of Steamboats “United States” & “America”    Dr. Carl Bogardus

Volume VI, No. 1   
  - Latonia Racetrack (1883-1939)    Dr. James ClaypooL
  - James Tandy Ellis: Sage of Ghent, KY    William Rouse Jillson
  - “Chronic Want” of Cincinnati: A Southern Railroad    Dr. Paul Tenkotte
  - Mayoral Power & Gov. Revolution in Covington    J.T. Spence, AICP
  - Pendleton County: A Bicentennial Celebration    Mildred Belew
  - Newport Barracks: Forgotten Military Installation    Dr. Joseph Donnelly
  - Carrollton’s Glauber Shoe Store    George Harper
 - Piatts: Early Boone County Family    Robert Rankin & Margaret Blakely

Volume VI, No. 2   
  - Ft. Thomas Military Post    Betty Daniels
  - St. Elizabeth Hospital - 125 Years    Patricia McMillen
  - The Montagues in America    Nancy Montague Grall
  - Underground Railroad in Covington    Ted Harris
  - Grandma’s House: New Twist in Genealogy    Diane Neibert
  - River Steamers of Coney Island    Dr. Carl Bogardus

Volume VII, No. 1   
  - Steamboats (Part 1)    Dr. Carl Bogardus
  - Revolutionary War Battle: Martin’s Station    Henry Don Lee
  - Caleb Powers - His Association with Goebell    W. Sherman Oxendine
  - Dayton, KY: A Brief History of 150 Years    Charles Tharp
  - Navigation Lights on the Ohio River    Dr. Carl Bogardus

Volume VII, No. 2   
  - Odd Fellows Hall, Covington    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Russell Family Legacy (Maysville)    Marion Russell & Mary R. Anderson
  - Regional Historic Structures    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Banking in Kentucky (1802-1835)     Lisa V. Barrett
  - My Life on the Steamboat “Majestic”    Garrett Neal Reynolds
  - The Covington Turners    James T. Bradley

Volume VIII, No. 1   
  - Reconstruction of the Roebling Bridge     Dr. Joseph Gastright
  - Ellis Crawford & Behringer-Crawford Museum    Lorna Petty Harrell
  - Who Killed William Goebel?    Norman Snider
  - Camp Nelson: Its Role in the Civil War    Dr. W. Stephen McBride
  - The Kroger Story    George Laycock
  - Kenton County Public Library    Cox, Onkst, Carroll & Carson
  - Ancestors Married in Gretna Green?    Barbara Keyser Garguillo

Volume VIII, No. 2   
 - Artist Leon Lippert    Thomas Lippert
  - Lt. Stephen G. Sharp, CSA    John Marshall Prewitt
  - Historic Preservation in Northern Kentucky    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Jimmy Lee Eldred: Teaching Piano 60 Years    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Old Kentucky Watering Places    William Coleman & James Kelly
  - Formation of Robertson County     Anjanette Gifford

Volume IX, No. 1   
 - Stanley F. Reed: Supreme Court Justice    Genevieve Hill
  - Riverside Assailed: Turning Point of a City    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Ludlow, KY (1864-1964 and Beyond)    City of Ludlow and NKH Staff
  - Latonia Springs    Dr. Joseph Gastright
  - Urban Row Houses in Northern Kentucky     Alexandra K. Weldon
  - John R. Coppins Photographs     Staff

Volume IX, No. 2  
 - Great Escapes: The Underground Railroad    Diane Perrine-Coon
  - Perryville Battle - the Aftermath    Stuart Sanders
  - Historic Structures    NKH Staff
  - Early Homesteads in Ft. Thomas    Betty M. Daniels
  - The Distillery at Petersburg (Part 1)    Matthew Becher

Volume X, No. 1   
  - Cathedral Basilica of Covington     Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Frank Duveneck, Painter & Teacher    Lisa Gillham & Karl Lietzenmayer
  - The Distillery at Petersburg (Part 2)    Matthew Becher
  - Escape from Indian Captivity: Mary Ingles    A. Eckert & J. Ingles

Volume X, No. 2   
  - Big Bone Lick: Jefferson and Lewis & Clark    Don Clare
  - Louisiana Purchase and Eastern Legacy    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - York: The Slave Who Went With Lewis & Clark     Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Nine Young Men from Kentucky    George H. Yater
  - George Shannon: One of the Nine Men From KY    Carolyn S. Denton
  - Civil War Spy Discovered in Covington    Bernie Becker
  - Washington, KY’s Duke-Coburn House    Karl J. Lietzenmayer

Volume XI, No. 1   
 -Villa Madonna Acad. & Benedictines    T. Wolking, OSB and J. Schwartz
  - Silver Grove - Not a Company Town    Betty Daniels
  - Civil War Hospitals in Covington    Jack Simon
  - Margaret Garner - Why Did She Do It?    Eileen Gaston
  - Abolitionists Arthur and James Thome    Caroline Miller
  - Hooper Battery: Civil War Site Preserved    Staff

Volume XI, No. 2  
  - Pompilio’s Restaurant    Michael R. Sweeney
  - The Brownings: Maysville Family    Elizabeth “Liz” Comer
  - Death of Representative William P. Taulbee    Caroline Miller
  - First Steamboat on the Western Waters    J.H.B. Latrobe
  - The Real Story of Sacagawea    Phyllis Yeager
  - Background of Kentucky History    Robert S. Cotterill

Volume XII, No. 1   
  - Covington’s Baker-Hunt Foundation    Whitson & Jacobs
  - A 19th Century Irish-American Hero    Hal Douglas Burge
  - The Gaines Tavern, Walton, KY     Elizabeth “Liz” Comer
  - Slavery & Two Families: Gaines & Garner    Ruth Brunings
  - National Underground Railroad Freedom Center    Staff
  - Slavery & Aftermath in Boone County    Paul Tanner
  - John Griffin Carlisle    John H. Boh

Volume XII, No. 2   
 - Henry Bruce and Gen. John Hunt Morgan     Stephen McMurtry
  - Defense of Cincinnati & Legacy of William Hooper     Kenneth Crawford
  - May’s Lick (Mason County)    Lynn David and Liz Comer

Volume XIII, No. 1   
  - Industrialists: Droege and Bogenschutz    Edmondson, Droege & Deters
  - Devou Park    P. Andrew Spoor
  - Politics and Hatfield & McCoy Feud    Bethany Richter

Volume XIII, No. 2   
  - R.A. Jones Manufacturing Company     V. de los Reyes and K. Hemmert
  - Burlington’s Cornfield Edison: Frank S. Milburn    Matthew Becher
  - Lurking Rebels: Civilian Arrests in Harrison County    William Penn

Volume XIV, No. 1   
  - Covington’s Monte Casino    Robert D. Webster
  - Postmarked Covington    Janet Klug
  - Country Stores    Diane Perrine-Coon
  - St. Paul Church    Robert Langenderfer
  - Black Brigade    Alvin L. Bartlett
  - Kuchle Family    Carol Kuchle Whitehead

Volume XIV, No. 2   
  - William Clark at Big Bone Lick, KY (1807)    Donald E. Clare, Jr.
  - St. Mary of the Assumption Church    Joshua L. Lange
  - Selling a Dream: The Founding of NKU    Melinda Sartwell
  - The Balcony is Closed    Robert D. Webster
  - Chester F. Geaslen: NKY’s First 20th Cen. Historian    James A. Ramage
  - Mountain Island: A Free Black Community    Chris Melfi

Volume XV, No. 1   
  - J.H. Kruse: War & the Terrible Threateners    Lisa Gilham
  - Separated at Birth: The McDonald Bros Courthouses    Matthew Becher
  - Lustron Living    Kim A. O’Connell

Volume XV, No. 2   
  - The Winstons and Their Legacy    Erica Wagner
  - Earthquakes and Northern Kentucky    Robert D. Webster
  - Holy Cross High School: 86 Years of Change     Robert Knox
  - The Kentucky Raid: The Cassopolis Outrage    Debian Marty
  - No Halloween: Harrison Co. Spanish Influenza of 1918    Philip Naff
  - W.S. Haviland: Cynthiana Civil War Damage Claims    William A. Penn
  - Old Kentontown Church (Robertson Co.)    James G. Dempsey

Volume XVI, No. 1   
  - Before the Age of Steam – Flatboats    Dr. Carl Bogardus
  - Captain Henry M. Shreve     Dr. Carl Bogardus
  - Cornerstone of a Community: History of W. Covington    Ron Einhaus
  - Military Assessment of the Battle of Blue Licks    Eric J. Walter
  - Simon Girty: A Short Biography    Eric J. Walter
  - Henry Watterson: Crusading Newspaperman    Eric J. Walter
  - Morgan Academy: Burlington’s Earliest    Gina Russ
  - Irish Immigrants of the 19th Century (Harrison Co.)    Philip Naff

Volume XVI, No. 2   
  - Lafayette: His Remarkable Life    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - From Germany to Covington: History of the Sisters of Notre Dame
                                                                Sister Joan Terese Niklas, SND
  - Survey of German Settlement Properties: 4 Mile Creek   Betty Daniels
  - Northern Kentucky Medal of Honor Recipients    Jack Wessling

Volume XVII, No. 1   
  - Ormsby M. Mitchel: the 19th Century Carl Sagan    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - The Know-Nothings    J.T. Spence
  - Mary Ingles: Truth and Myth    James Duvall
  - Juliet Miles: Female Conductor in the Borderlands    Caroline Miller
  - Covington’s Seminary Square and the Todd-Bradford House
                                                                              Jonathan Meyer
  - Abe and Us: Abraham Lincoln & Northern KY/Greater Cincinnati
                                                                              Paul A. Tenkotte
  - Edwin Forrest: America’s Great Shakespearian Actor    Jack Wessling

Volume XVII, No. 2  
  - The Bravest of Them All: Legend of Sam Bowman    John M. Lucas
  - History & Haunting of 44 Licking Pike, Campbell Co.    Crystal Cruze
  - An American Nurse - Hidden from the Enemy by the Enemy
                                                                                    Caroline Miller
  - Recent Roebling Research: Roebling in Cincinnati    Don H. Tolzmann
  - Wendling Printing Company—A Family Affair    Betty Daniels
  - Mother of God Choral Club: A 70-Year Covington Tradition Disbanded
                                                                                 Karl Lietzenmayer

Volume XVIII, No. 1   
  - Lily’s Chocolate Shop: An Immigrant’s Legacy     Chris & Ron Einhaus
  - Lagoon Amusement Park: Northern Kentucky’s Victorian Playground
                                                                                 David Schroeder
  - Michael Cassidy (1755-1829): Fleming Co.    Mary Ann Wainscott
  - Schwab, Koehnken, Grimm: Master Organ Builders     Karl  Lietzenmayer
  - Frederick M. Jones: Mechanic and Engineer Extraordinaire
                                                                            Sheryn Labate

  - The Church in Chains    Analisa Mason
  - Private Tutors and Educating Girls: Dinsmore Homestead and other
      Affluent Southern Farms/Plantations (1800-1850)    Gina Russ

Volume XVIII, No. 2   
  - A Home of Our Own: Suburb of Ft. Mitchell    Tenkotte and Hartke
  - An Incredible Era: James K. Copenhaver and His Legacy: A History of
        the Holmes High School Band     Robert D. Webster
  - Newport Steel Mill: A Long History of Manufacture    Karl Lietzenmayer
  - An Immeasurable Legacy: Ernst Family of No. KY    Clare Poynter
  - M.C. Motch, Jewelers: A Kentucky Centennial Company: A Search for
       the Company and Family Stories    Karl J. Lietzenmayer


Volume XIX, No. 1  
  - Cincinnati Union Terminal    Sheryn Labate
  - Civil War Women of Valor    Gina Russ
  - Sylvester Victor Eifert: Organist, Teacher (1880-1955)    Anne Herbert
  - Powhatan Beaty: Unsung Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
                                                                                   Wikipedia Entry
  - Fedders Family: 4 Generations/Fedders Feed Co.     Karl J. Lietzenmayer

Volume XIX, No. 2   
  - Pioneers of Progress: The Southgate Family (Part 1)    Melinda Sartwell
  - The Peculiar Institution of Augusta College    Teri Horsley
  - Back to Their Roots: Northern Kentucky Wineries    Andrea Dee
  - Rope Walks & the Bonte Company of Dayton, KY     Gretchen Gauldin
  - Ante-Bellum Politics    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - African-American Boy Scout Troops in No. KY    Theodore H. H. Harris

Volume XX, No. 1  
  - In This Sign We Conquer, The Rebirth of the Cox Building, Maysville
                                                                Orloff G. Miller, Ph.D.
  - The War of 1812 and Kentucky     Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - Pioneers of Progress: The Southgate Family (Part 2)    Melinda Sartwell
  - The Sherman Tavern on the Dry Ridge Trace    Barbara Brown
  - The Love of Christ Impels Us: A Bicentennial History of the Sisters of
        Charity of Nazareth in Northern KY    David E. Schroeder, MA, MSLS

Volume XX, No. 2   
  - Albert B. “Happy” Chandler: Ky’s Huey Long    Karl J. Lietzenmayer
  - My Dear Mollie    James Ott
  - William B. Phillips: Maysville Community Leader    Stephen Oldfield
  - Frank Bezold General Merch.: A 100-Year Legacy   Tracy DeBellevue
  - Bowling in Northern Kentucky    Robert D. Webster
  - Was Melody of Star Spangled Banner Really A Drinking Song?    Staff

  - Tragedy on I-71: Carrollton Bus Crash 25 Yrs Later    Robert Webster

Volume XXI, No. 1   
 - Early Northern Kentucky Settlements and the Battle of Blue Licks
                                                            Robert D. Webster
  - The Sells' Kentucky Long Rifle    Caroline Miller
  - Pioneers of Progress: The Southgate Family (Part 3)    Melinda Sartwell
  - The American Whig Party in No. Kentucky    J.T. Spence, PhD., AICP
  - The Role of Religion in the Committee of 500 and its Effects on
          Newport, Kentucky's Civic Progress    Matt Yagle
  - Mason County: Reinvented for Relevance    Jeff Steller
  - Stairways to Salvation     S. Winslow, with A. Boehringer

Volume XXI, No. 2   
- The Late Governor William Goebel    Marianne C. Walker
- Park Hills, Kentucky: An Idyllic Suburb    Iris Spoor
- Devou Park: Beginnings    J. Kreinbrink and D. VonStrohe
- The Moonshines on My Old Kentucky Home    Abigail Quiroa
- Ed Schneider: A Northern Kentuckian Soaring Above the Clouds
                                                            Robert Langenderfer
- Ghost Ship of Boone County    NKH Staff
- "Toto, We're Not in Napa Valley Anymore": The Viticulture Industry on
        Prospect Hill, Covington, Kentucky    David Breetzke

Volume XXII, No. 1   
- A Ride Out Madison Pike, Kenton County    Robert D. Webster
- Godfrey Nicholas Frankenstein: Scenic Artist    Robert D. Webster
- Augusta Trappers to Western Mountain Men     Caroline R. Miller
- The Great Diamond Swindle     Karl Lietzenmayer
- Morgan's Raid of July 2nd to 26th, 1863: Its Effects and Significance
                                                                Charles E. Stevenson, Jr.
- Ancient History Lesson: Giant Concrete Arrows Stretch Across America
                                                                  Lawrence McClanahan

Volume XXII, No. 2

- Gateway City: Covington, Ky, 1815-2015 (Part 1)    Paul Tenkotte
- Dr. George Sperti: NKY’s Extraordinary 20th Century Inventor
                                                                    Bridget Striker
- Margaret Mitchell’s Editor: John Marsh – husband and Maysville native
                                                                       Marianne Walker
- A Lieutenant of the fighting Sixth: Jules Garesche Ord    James Ott
- The Rugby: More than Just a Building    William T. Stolz

Volume XXIII, No. 1   
- Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver: NKU Students Unearth Lost History
        of the Clermont (Parker) Academy    M. Kelley and K. C. Lackey
- Gateway City: Covington, KY (Part 2)    Paul Tenkotte
- The Underground Railroad Emerges in Southwest Ohio and Kentucky:
          A Historiography of the Movement    Dr. Eric R. Jackson
- A Prehistory of Northern Kentucky    Robert D. Webster

Volume XXIII, No. 2   
- Christopher Gist in Northern Kentucky?     Robert D. Webster
- When Covington, KY Executed and Innocent Man:
          The Legal Lynching of John Montjoy    Katie Bramell
- Westside: Covington's Unofficial Forgotten Community
                                                    Christopher Harris and Kevin Karp

Volume XXIV, No. 1   
-Lewis Craig, Washington, KY, and the Great Awakening    David Ivory
- Henry Stanbery: Defender of a President    Karl Lietzenmayer
- King Cholera in Covington, KY (1832-1873)    Arnold Taylor
- Louisville Slugger: From Hillerick's Wood Shop to Making Bats
                                                                        Karl Lietzenmayer
- Will Radcliff: Slush Puppy Founder was from Dayton, KY    Michael Monks
- The Perils of My Aunt Pauline & the Powder Puff Derby
                                                Terry Cummins, with Karl Lietzenmayer

Volume XXIV, No. 2   
- Resurrection: Rebirth of the Rabbit Hash General Store
                                                                            Robert D. Webster
- The Siege of Cincinnati and the Struggle for the Bluegrass State
                                                                            Taylor Kessen
- The World of William Longstreet: Ideals, Politics, and the Underbelly of
             Covington's City Manager System           Gregory Warner
- Speers Memorial Hospital: Cornerstone of the Dayton, Kentucky                Community                                            Courtney Neltner

Volume XXV, No. 1   
- The Making of the Kentucky Central Railroad    Dr. Joseph Gastright
- The Twin Tunnels at Grants Bend                     Taylor Kessen
- Enslavement, Freedom: Susan Lampkins Family in Campbell County       During Antebellum Years       Shirlene L. Jensen and Dr. Eric R. Jackson
- The Barkshire and Hawkins Families of Boone County and Rising Sun: An     Underground Railroad Borderlands Story         Hillary Delaney
- Sculptor's Reputation Equals His Work: Clement J. Barnhorn   Jim Reis

Volume XXV, No. 2   
- Coming Down the Pike: Takes from Covington's Iconic Corridor
          Olivia Dohn, Kaira Tucker, and Krysta Wilham
- The Dorsel Family: An American-dream Success Story  Karl Lietzenmayer
- The Case of the Kindly Sheriff: A Man with No Enemies but No Friends     
           Clayton Reed Condor
- Handlebar Cops: The Historical Development of Covington's Police Bike Patrol         John T. Spence, PhD, AICP
- Remembering a Fleming County Native's Historic Handshake   Charles Maddox

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