About Us:

Founded in 1977, the Kenton County Historical Society now has over 300 members scattered all across the United States.  Our mission is to promote preservation, research, and dissemination of Kenton County history and genealogy, especially as it relates to the larger community.  We:

  • sponsor tours of historical sites;
  • co-sponsor the annual Northern KY Regional History Day, in 2017 at the Boone County Public Library;
  • have produced numerous award-winning publications;
  • archive photographs and other documents at the Covington branch of the Kenton County Public Library;
  • have partnered with the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park to promote and preserve local history;
  • man exhibit booths at various local events such as Roeblingfest, the Kenton County Fair, and the Ramage Civil War Museum;
  • and publish Northern Kentucky Heritage Magazine, an expertly-written publication covering the entire 10-county region.

There are several options for Membership in the Society -- each includes a subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter, the Bulletin of the Kenton County Historical Society, filled with well-written articles on Kenton County history, as well as a listing of upcoming events in the region, and ongoing features such as “I Bet You Didn’t Know” (trivial tidbits of Kentucky history) and “A Look Back at the Headlines” (featuring articles from decades-old local newspapers).

Back issues of the Bulletin are also available, and can be downloaded and printed for FREE right from this site!  However, we hold the release of our newest issue for six months, in fairness to our paying members.


2017 Kenton County Historical Society
Officers and Board:

Robert D. Webster, President     
Karl Lietzenmayer, Vice President
John Boh, Secretary
W. Terry Averbeck, Treasurer
Carl J. Gerrein
Dennis Harrell
Dr. Eric Jackson 
Elaine Kuhn
Robert Rich
Iris Spoor
Arnold Taylor, ex officio 

Kenton County Historical Society

P.O. Box 641

Covington, KY  41012